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"Making payroll, personal."

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Helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses, 

through supportive, simple payroll solutions.

Payroll is a necessary and daunting component of owning and operating your own business. 

ZLC provides a streamlined, trusted, and accessible solution that rivals the transactional and automated nature of big box payroll companies. 

We believe that the strongest foundation of a business is built on communication, reliability, and professionalism. These values separate our services from the masses. ZLC is more than just a payroll service; we are a business support solution.

Image by Scott Graham

Reallocate your time spent on tedious tasks to

Business Growth.

Owning a business means dealing with many moving parts that can take focus away from developing your vision to its fullest potential. ZLC provides a solution to simplify the monotonous tasks so that your time can be spent on the development of your business. 

Just a transactional provider? Not here.

you deserve more.

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We're here for you!

Your contract with ZLC comes with more than a service representative - you have an entire team behind you. 

Our comprehensive team ensures you will always have access to a contact that is ready to support your business's needs.


The Tree Boss

" I appreciate the professionalism, knowledge, service and friendliness. Can make a call to ZLC and they answer questions without coming in for an appointment. They treat you like family and are always trying to help you with your business. Started with my EIN number for my business 3 years ago and just continued from there. Payroll is always on time and effective every payday and my guys appreciate that also. I can't say anything but good things about ZLC Services. A+ for sure!

- Richard Lilley
Uniontown Detailing

"Zach and his team offer an array of exceptional services. We have been working with them for over 3 years and cannot say enough great things. If you are looking for a company that is knowledgeable, professional, and always accessible to your needs, look no further. Highly recommend them!"

- Matt Moreland
As Prescribed Media

"After looking around and researching all payroll companies out there, I finally settled with ZLC. Working with the team over at ZLC has seriously been a game changer for our payroll sector! Making everyone not just gets paid, but being done correctly and on time is a huge part of running a successful business team. Having the confidence in this process has allowed me to shift that focus to other projects within the company. Without ZLC, that wouldn't have been possible. Their team is very professional, incredibly knowledgeable, and very personable! When I reach out with a question, I have the correct answer right away. You just don't get that with so many other companies today."

- Mike Rhoads
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