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Let's grow your business,

with supportive, easy solutions.

Payroll processing doesn't have to be tedious.

try a simpler way.

ZLC offers a comprehensive platform combined with a highly trusted support team to provide a reliable and efficient business solutions.

It's as easy as one, two, three.

our process

Onboarding & Training

Once enrolled, your new ZLC team will conduct a one-on-one onboarding session along with as needed training of our extensive platform.

Input & Reporting

Depending on your service tier, either you or our team will input your data into our software and guide you through financial reporting throughout the year.

Account Review

Once a year, ZLC will conduct an account review with you to prepare your business for the year end.

Ready to browse the extensive list of

SERVICE features

ZLC provides a comprehensive list of solutions ranging from the most common data management to digital access portals and financial reporting.

Payroll Processing & Data Management

  • Flexible and secure data input options

  • Full menu of electronic services such as direct deposits and tax payments

  • Multiple payroll schedules

  • Mobile accessibility: employer/employee portals

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How does ZLC stack up against "Big Box" Payroll?

Let's Compare.



You will ALWAYS talk to a real person.

Affordable and consistent pricing.

We own our mistakes & fix them promptly.

One-on-one training when you need it.

Immediate Response Times.

"Your wait time is two hours."

Automated voice systems.

Price increases and hidden fees.

Fees for provider mistakes.

FAQ threads and troubleshoot videos.

Payroll technically, is the same no matter how or where you do it.
But trust, support and reliability make all the difference.

Choosing the best fit for your needs, explore our

Service Tiers

We believe a businesses' needs are unique and require different levels of service and support. Because of this we provide custom quotes and options that will best serve your business. 



Tier One is Self-Service, this is the fully DIY version. In this option, you will input all of your data, run your own payroll, and conduct your own reporting.



Tier Two is Collaborative. This is our most recognized, signature service offering. This option will include more of a hands on approach of our team to run your payroll, conduct your reporting and provide more involvement.



Tier Three is Full Service. This option is fully in the hands of our team. We will input your data, run your payroll, conduct your reporting and more. 


Is ZLC Payroll Services

The right fit?

Do you want a simple solution for your payroll?

Do you prefer to have a personal connection to your service team?

Do you want to have the time back to grow your business?

Do you want to have an efficient and consistent payroll?

Do you need an affordable and transparent payroll solution?

Do you want to work with a trusted, reliable, collaborative team?

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